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Hi! I'm Keith!

If you are like most of the people I teach, you already love photography. You want to create beautiful images of family, friends, travel, and events in your life. You want to be the hero who always gets that perfect shot.

But something stands in the way, doesn’t it? If only you had someone to help you really learn to use your camera. Some way to get past all the technical stuff and start getting those photos you love. 

Time is precious to you too. You find your day filled with going to meetings, raising a family, helping others have what they need. Learning how to create stunning images and capturing memories with your camera takes a backseat to your busy life.

I have been there too. While my wife Larinda and I were busy raising a family with four kids, life was very busy. Too often my camera was idle. I look back on our life in California and Wisconsin and wish I spent more time with my camera. We lived in some beautiful places and enjoyed time together as a family. I wish I would have taken advantage of capturing more of those memories with my camera.


​I feel very lucky to have shared my knowledge and love of photography through teaching thousands of people over the last 15 years. These have been people from all walks of life – moms and dads, financial planners, business owners, clergy, programmers, teachers, men and women serving in the armed forces, retired couples, and more. All of them have one thing in common—just like you, they desire to take better photos of what’s important to them.

This is my simple promise to you- I will help you learn how to capture amazing photos of what’s important in your life.

That is why I have designed classes for you that will -

  • Put you in control of creating your photos by helping you understand your camera’s settings.​

  • Have a minimal impact on your busy schedule.


  • Make learning your camera fun.


  • Help you learn the skills needed to create beautiful images that you will be excited to share.


  • Take the mystery out of the language of photography, and those dials, menus, and buttons.


So, let’s get started. Together we will have you taking amazing photos of what’s important in your life!

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